March 23, 2009

How To Make a Sewn in Lining for a Crochet Purse

How To Make a Sewn in Lining for a Crochet Purse.

You begin by figuring out the size of the lining you will need. First measure from the inside top to the bottom of the purse. Then measure around the inside circumference of the purse. You will get a measurement something like: 7" X 20". Now add a 1\2" seam allowance to this: 8" X 21". Cut this from the fabric you are going to use as the lining. Sew short ends together, taking the 1\2" seam allowance, forming a tube.

Pin a 1\2" hem around one edge of the lining.

Pin this to inside edge of purse and sew in place.

Turn the purse inside-out and sew a line of basting stitched (long running stitches) to hold the bottom edge of the lining to the bottom of the purse. Turn right side out.

On a piece of cardboard out line the bottom of the purse and cut out.

Lay cardboard on a small piece of batting and trim the batting until only 1\4" extends from the edge all around.

Rep with your lining fabric.

With craft glue, glue the lining to the back of the cardboard using tape to hold it in place until dry.
Once dry, remove the tape and glue the finished bottom the the inside bottom of the purse.

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