November 03, 2007

Free Crochet Patterns Website!


As you probably already know I have my own website Donna's Crochet Designs where I sale my orginial patterns. I like to use my blog as my free pattern link to keep things a little less complicated.

Well, I've gotten another website: (I know its a mouthful)

As of right now I have 45 patterns on the site. Some link back to here, but most are found on the site. That doesn't mean I won't still be posting patterns here, there just will be more found there.

I just wanted to let you all know it was out there.

Tomorrow I'll be posting another pattern here. It is of a couple of rag dolls done in thread. I made them for my Christmas buddy and just stumbled over the pattern again this week and knew I just had to post it here!

Crocheting with Chenille Stems

Crocheting with Chenille Stems

This month many of my designs require the use of chenille stems as part of "their body". (First picture is of Peppermint Swirl Candy Kids and the second is Gum Drop Candy Kids pattern at my website)
Chenille stems are easy to find. They are usually found in the Kids Craft area of most craft stores and Wal-mart.
They bend easy and hold their shape well. They are easy to cut with a pair of scissors, all through I wouldn’t recommend using your best pair, and they have no sharp edges.
They have no sharp edges that is until you cut them. Where the stem has been cut will be sharp and jagged and will poke through your crochet piece. I have come up with two ways to prevent this.
First way: Instead of folding the cut stem in half and then twisting to hold (see Candy Kids) find the center of your cut stem and fold each end toward the center and then twist. The twisting will cover the jagged end and will give you two rounded ends to insert into your crochet piece.
Second way: I call this the lazy man’s way. If you forgot or don’t want to go to all the trouble of finding the center, folding each end in...,etc, then fold and twist. Once twisted lay the cut end on a table or other hard surface, place your scissors over the cut end and press. It may take several attempts, but eventually all the jagged edges will be flatten and pushed to the inside of the stem.
I personally like the first way best. It takes less time and you don’t get poked as much.
I’d also like to add that I have found that it doesn’t matter what color the chenille stems are. I ran out of the white ones I was using and ended up using some black ones I had left from another project. I found that the cream and white threads covered the stems color completely. Great way to use up those odds and ends just laying around.

October 28, 2007

Same Necklace but done in Beads!

I kept looking and finally found the picture of the necklace I made using the one with charms basic pattern.
I told you it was verstile!
I simply did the (ch-1, slide a bead) method for the same lenght as I did in the butterfly charms one.
I used a purple mix of size E seed beads - about 2 bottles- and pink size 10 crochet thread.
The rest is the same.
Same crochet bell covers on the ends.
Same way to knot them all together.
Don't forget the handy dandy large eye beading needle when you're stringing all those beads onto your crochet thread!

Free Necklace w Butterfly Charms Crochet Pattern



size 10 crochet thread in Red Victory, size 7 crochet hook, large eye beading needle, DMC size 5 metallic in Gold, size O hook, 21 butterfly charms, necklace clasp, needle and invisible thread.



With large eye beading needle and red crochet thread, thread the 21 charms onto thread, remove needle.

With thread, 7 hook and leaving long tails, ch-45, (slide charm, ch-30) twice, slide charm, ch-45, fasten off.

-Make 7.


With red thread, 7 hook and leaving long tails, ch-150, fasten off.

-Make 14.


With DMC gold, O hook and leaving long tails, ch-175, fasten off.

-Make 3.


With DMC gold and O hook ch-4, sl st to form a ring.

RND 1: Ch-1, work 8 hdc in ring, sl st top beg hdc, ch-1, turn. (8 sts)

RND 2: (2 hdc next st, hdc next st) around, sl st top beg hdc, ch-1, turn. (12 sts)

RND 3-4: Hdc ea st around, sl st top beg hdc, ch-1, turn.

RND 5: Rep rnd 2, fasten off. (18 sts)

-Make 2.


On a flat surface lay all chain strands tog. Knot at ea end, trim excess. With needle and invisible thread, sew one bell cap to ea end of the necklace covering knot. Sew clasp to ea bell cap.

What is so great about this necklace is how easy it is to make and put together.

It is also very verstile. You can change the charms to buttons. You can change the color combinations and even add strands of beads.