March 08, 2009

How To Make a TRC Stitch in Crochet

How To Make a Trc (Treble) Stitch in Crochet!

A Trc stitch is a lot like a Dc (Double Crochet) stitch in that you have multiple loops on the hook and you keep yo-ing (yarn over) working 2 loops off at a time until the stitch is complete.

You begin by yarn over (yo) until there are three loops on the hook.

You then inset the hook into the stitch

Yarn over

Pull through and you have 4 loops


Pull through the first 2 loops on the hook


Pull through the next 2 loops on the hook

And finally yo

Pull through the last 2 loops on the hook finishing the stitch.

Tip For Crocheting with 2 Strands of Yarn

Tip for Crocheting with 2 Strands of Yarn

I just finished a rug that I made holding 2 strands of yarn and using a large hook.

This gives the rug more stiffens and allows for better wear.

This is probably only a handful of projects that I have ever done using 2 strands. My first couple of projects I carefully rolled my yarn into 2 balls and began to crochet. Problem with that is I always ran out of yarn on one ball and didn't have a free end on the left over ball to finish the rug. UGH! Highly irritating.

Now however I look for yarn that has what I fondly call a belly-button. Really it is yarn that has a center end free so that you can unravel it from the inside-out.

Then I take that yarn and the outside yarn and crochet with them!

I never run out on one ball with just a few more rows until completion!

Last photo shows me crocheting with the 2 ends of the same skein.

Hope this works for you!