July 28, 2007

Idea Behind My Design of Beumble Bee Play Set for 4-1\2" Bratz Dolls


I'm often asked where I get my ideas from.

First I want to say that what I do is design crochet patterns, not re-make a crochet pattern that is all ready floating out there in the world.

When I start thinking of a new project I start looking at things that are out there in the non-crochet world. Like at Home Stores, Clothing Stores, Toy Stores, etc.

I want a challenge. I want to take something that has never been seen in crochet before and translate it into a pattern that most people who crochet can easily follow and make one of their own.

With this said, I'll get back to the Bumble Bee Play Set.

Have you ever heard of the cartoon "Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends?" It is on the cartoon network and I love it. Edwardo is my favorite character which has absolutely nothing to do with the play set by the way.

Anyway, in one cartoon the entire gang at Foster's went to this play-pizza place. I won't bore you with the story line, just that it was a hive shaped pizza place and they had this guy dressed up in a bee suit to meet and greet.

And that's it...

My inspriation for the bee hive play set.

I have to admit it doesn't really make a lot of sence and maybe I watch too many cartoons--Never!--but that's how it works for me. I see something. It gets sucked into my head along with the tons of other things floating around in there, some times they bump into each other and an idea is born: Bratz Doll = Bee Hive and some times it is just strange up there, but I enjoy it.

Come along to my website: http://www.donnascrochetdesigns.com/ and see what other strange things you can find there.

Who knows, maybe you'll even suggest an idea or two!

Ideas For Flag and Stars Garland

Here is my latest Christmas design:

I've gone Patrotic with this red, white and blue themed Flag and Stars Garland!

But you can do more with this than just make a garland for your tree, mantel or stair railing.

You can turn the flag and stars into ornaments by using red, white and blue ribbon, knoting a loop at one end and gluing the flag or stars on.

You can also make decorations for the plants in your home by glueing ribbon onto 18" wooden skewere (found in most coooking isle of stores). Add chenille stems you wind around a pencil and then polk them down inside the plant.

They also make great package decorations or additions to wreaths!

This pattern is now being offered on my website under new this month and for 1.99


July 24, 2007

More Color Changes

I call this Cherries Cuff Bracelet.

See how just a background color can change the look?

This is one of my new patterns for the month of August at http://www.donnascrochetdesigns.com/
Come take a look at what's new!
Actual cuff bracelets are for sale in my Etsy store at: http://donnascrochetdesigns.etsy.com/

Color Changes, The Easiest Changes To Make

Plain black and white cuff bracelet, right?

Not so if you just change the colors up!

This cuff bracelet is easy to make.
You'd be supriced at how easy it is to make a simple change in a crochet pattern and get your own look!
Imagination and experimentation can do wonders for a plain looking pattern!
This is one of my new patterns for August.
Come by http://www.donnascrochetdesign.com/ and take a look at what's new.
You can also find the made cuff bracelet for sale in my Etsy Store at: http://donnascrochetdesigns.etsy.com/

Free Beaded Necklace Crochet Pattern

Free Beaded Medillion Necklace Crochet Pattern

Size 10 crochet thread in Light Blue or a color to match your beads, size 7 crochet hook, large eye beading needle and 20 oz of size E mix color beads.

FINISHED SIZE: Medallion 2” across. Necklace is 22” long.

With lg eye beading needle on crochet thread, thread on 168 beads, remove beading needle, with 7 hook ch-3, sl st to form a ring.

RND 1: Ch-1, work (slide bead hdc) 8 times in ring, sl st top beg hdc, ch-1, turn.

RND 2-3: (2 hdc next st, hdc next st) around, sl st top beg hdc, ch-1, turn. (12 sts)(18 sts)

RND 4: * (slide bead, hdc) twice next st, rep bet () next st *, rep bet ** around, sl st top beg hdc, ch-1, turn. (27 sts)

RND 5: (2 hdc next st, hdc next 2 sts) around, sl st top beg hdc, ch-1, turn. (36 sts)

RND 6: (2 hdc next st, hdc next 3 sts) around, sl st top beg hdc, ch-1, turn. (48 sts)

RND 7: * (slide bead, ch-1) 3 times, sk a st, sl st next st, * rep bet ** 15 times, rep bet () 6 times, sk a st, sl st next st, rep bet () 8 times, sk a st, sl st next st, rep bet () 10 times, sk a st, sl st next st, rep bet () 12 times, sk a st, sl st next st, rep bet () 16 times, sk a st, sl st next st, rep bet () 12 times, sk a st, sl st next st, rep bet () 10 times, sk a st, sl st next st, rep bet () 8 times, sk a st, sl st next st, rep bet () 6 times, sk a st, sl st next st, fasten off.

With Blue thread and lg eye beading needle thread on remaining beads in the bottle (about 272), remove beading needle, with 7 hook and leaving a long tail, (ch-1, slide bead) 136 times, sl st top medallion, rep bet () 136 times, ch-1, fasten off. Knot tails and trim ends.


Large Eye Beading Needle and Crochet

Large Eye Beading Needle, just what is one and why use it instead of a large eye regular needle.

Whenever I use beads or sequins in a pattern I design I always state in the "materials needed" a large eye beading needle.

To the left you will see a picture of a large eye beading needle next to a sewing needle large enough to take size 10 crochet thread.

The large eye beading needle is thinner than a regular sewing needle or tapestry needle and usually pointed on both ends instead of just one.

A regular sewing needle has a very specific size "eye" or opening where the thread is to go through. If you need a bigger eye for a thicker thread you will then need a bigger needle.

And that was always the problem when I went to thread the beads or sequins onto my crochet thread. If I had a needle with an eye large enough to take the crochet thread then it was too thick to take the size E beads or sequins I wanted to use.

I naturally went to a larger size bead. It worked, but the bead was heavier and I didn't get the look I was after and until recently, sequins all had the same size hole, unless of course you wanted to make the hole bigger...one by one...yeah, me either.

Then I found the large eye beading needle. As you can see in the picture to the left, same needle as before, but what an eye!

No matter how thick the string, yarn, cord, whatever, it always fits!

Because the beading needle is basically just two pieces of thin wire connected at each end you can use size E beads and sequins on size 10 crochet thread without a problem.

I love them! Except when I polk myself in the hand because both ends are pointy--which happens to me a lot, but I've also stabbed myself with regular sewing needles so deep I bleed as well. In other words, its probably me not the needle at fault.

Large Eye Beading needles can be found in the bead and jewelry isle in most craft stores. Just look for the area with the findings and you'll find an entire array of beading needles.