March 31, 2012

Pink Child's Dress Free Vintage Crochet Pattern

Free Vintage Crochet Pattern Child's Pink Dress!

She's so cute with her dimples and black mary janes, I think the large light pink ribbon really sets the dress off.

It is another of my collection from 1952.

I hope you like it!

March 29, 2012

Free Vintage Crochet Baby Patterns

As promised!

Not just one pattern, but an entire set. It's from a baby booklet from 1952.

There are trims for some of baby's night gowns, a cardigan, girls sweater with bonnet and booties as well as a sacque. Don't really know why they call it that, but its like a bunting for baby.

Remember to scroll to the bottom for the link to the pdf!


The second part will be next week!

March 28, 2012

Free Necklace Pattern Off Center Pendant

Free Crochet Pattern:
Off Center Pendant Necklace.
Fast and easy to make this necklace is made up of on chain lenghts to make the base of the necklace.
Black and Gold contrast wonderfully in this project.
I used DMC Metallic thread, but a size 10 crochet thread in gold would work equally as well, but wont be as shiny.
Hope you like it!