February 12, 2011

I call this Decreasing Circles Necklace and I'm sure you can guess why!
all you need is some size 10 crochet thread, size 7 hook and necklace clasp and you're in business!
Click here for the pattern!
I hope you like it!
Keep those crochet hooks busy!

February 11, 2011

How To Make Raised Stitches In Crochet

Here is a link to the tutorial on how to make the raised stitches to make this heart sample.

This raised stitch heart tote is a free pattern found here.
It began life as a heart place mat, but I decided it looked too pretty to stay inside the house and I turned it into a tote by adding a bottom and handle. It still make a lovely place mat!

This is a detail photo of a baby afghan I used the stitched on.

This is a 12 month size baby dress with the raised stitches.
I'm beginning to think I need to go beyond a heart when designing. I did a word baby afghan once that was love, hugs, kisses--I'll have to find the photo for that one. I believe that design was sold to a magazine.

February 10, 2011

Here is a fairly easy to make necklace.

I call it Gold Coin Necklace.

The Gold thread is DMC metallic thread in size 5. It can be found in the needlework area of most craft stores where the embroidary floss it kept.

Once you have roll into into a ball (to prevent knots) it really is easy to work with.
You can find the pattern here
I hope you like it!
I'd love to see any pictures anyone would like to share of a pattern of mine they made!

I've just tried this new yarn called baby Jacquards floral. (My success at right)

On the skein it shows a small square of it crochet and it looks just like little flowers in between the color stripes.

I've been playing with it and have found I can only get the floral pattern by using a single crochet stitch and crocheting in rows and not rounds.

Has anyone else played with it?

February 08, 2011


My latest free pattern that features a slinky in its design.

As you can see, the dinosaur's back is the slinky. His red points are all wond onto the slinky and pushed to its center.

He also features a spiked tail, lower jaw, tiny red button eyes and red feet pads.

Made using Red Heart Super Saver yarns and size H crochet hook.

The pattern is free!
To see more picutres visit here!

February 07, 2011

Torso, Head & Necklace Pillow Display Pieces Crochet Pattern

I'm Back!

This week's new pattern is a set of 3 display pieces.

The torso is 13" tall and a great prop when photographing your items!

Head is 11" tall and perfect to display most hats.

Necklace Pillow is 6" tall X 9" across and is graduated to display your necklace beautifully!

The reason I designed these pieces is out of pure frustration at not being able to find the pieces I wanted to help display my crochet pieces!

You know the saying "A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words"?

It is especially true when selling crochet patterns!
Here is the link
Happy Crocheting Everyone!