March 02, 2012

Free Vintage Ruffled Bag Crochet Pattern

I try to post 2 free vintage patterns from my collection a week and this week's second pattern is this Ruffled Bag. It's crochet and around late 30's or early 40's.

I realize there are people out there who sell vintage patterns and I've even bought a few (I never post one I've bought a copy of, only the patterns I have the actual printed page/booklet of that I personally have bought at thrift stores, antique stores, estate sales, etc.) and have always been disappointed with the lack of instructions originally published. Often I've had to set down and basically re-write the pattern in order to make it. Because of this, I feel they should be made free. Good luck in making them!

March 01, 2012

Tutorial On How To Make A Fpdc2tog

I've been asked how to do a Fpdc2tog or a front post double crochet decrease and now I have both a photo tutorial and one on You Tube.

Most of you out there perfer the video tutorials, but I like the photo ones the best. With the photo tutorial you can go at your own pace.


February 29, 2012

Penguin Costume For Baby Doll New Crochet Pattern

New pattern at Donna's Crochet Designs!
It is a double pattern!
Designed for the 12-inch to 13-inch baby doll it is a Penguin Costume complete with Red Bow Tie and Red Cumber Bun. The cap or hood to the costume supports a Penguin's beak and a tiny top hat. The outfit is an all in one design that fastens up the back with snaps. The hood fastens with a snap as well.
There is also a 4-1/2" Penguin Toy you can make. It is the perfect size for the doll to play with.

The second complete outfit that comes with the pattern is an Every Day style outfit. You get the instructions to make the Footed Pants with draw-string, Short Sleeve Shirt with Penguin Applique and headband. You can either decorate the headband with the Bow Tie or the Tiny Top Hat.
It is the first in my series of animal costumes for the 12-13-inch baby doll.
Next month it will be a Caterpillar, with Caterpillar toy and Every Day Outfit.
Donna's Crochet Designs the home of the 3.99 pattern.
I hope you like it!

February 28, 2012

Free Vintage Crochet Pattern Candy Cane Afghan

Here is another of my free vintage patterns from my person collection:

It's based on a round motif that sewn together gives you its cool design. It's from around the 1950's and since out of copyright date, so share away!