March 01, 2011

I love to use the stitch combination of single crochet/double crochet to get a textured stitch.

I've been told it can get confusing when using that alternating stitch in rounds and also for color changing.

As you can see the cute little Penguins at the top left has color changes and the sc/dc stitch combination done in rounds.

I've come up with a photo tutorial as well as one on You Tube to help better understand the technique.

If anyone is still in the dark about it just e-mail me and I'll do my best to help you figure it out!

February 28, 2011

Free Panties Crochet Pattern For An American Girl Size Doll

This week's free pattern is a pair of panties made to fit an American Girl Doll or like sized doll.

I designed these panties to actually fit the curves of the doll and as you can see by the second picture the panties didn't exactly fit around the waist.

What to do?

Add elastic of course!

I've made a photo tutorial and a video tutorial on how to add the elastic to a finished crochet item. I hope you find them helpful.