February 02, 2012

Free Crochet Tutorials

My latest tutorials are on the yo-yo. The yo-yo is really just a crochet round that you can stack to make arms and legs and such on animals or dolls or you can attach them together to make afghans, scarves, etc.

The first method is just a simple slip stitch as you go way of joining.

The second method is taking your yo yos and joining them into a block. This way is a bit more complicated, but still relies on slip stitches as well. this time you are taking the finished yo-yos and then connecting them separately by slip stitching 1st in one and then the other.

With all my tutorials I make a photo version found on my site and a video version that is also on my site and YouTube.

I personally prefer the photo tutorials, that way I can follow along at my own pace, first seeing it and then doing it and then going on to the next photo.

I've been working hard on reorganizing my tutorials so they are easier to follow and to find.

If there is anything you'd like to see in a tutorial let me know!



Free Crochet Pattern Pop Tab Glass Cozy & Bottle Holder

Here are the last in my pop tab series!

Very easy to do and the pattern is free!

Basically it's just a longer version of the cozy, again easy to do and the pattern is free!