August 23, 2016

Flower Tote Free Crochet Pattern with Endless Posibilities

 This free tote pattern may look plain at first, but with the addition of crochet flowers you can develop your own look.
Endless combinations!
Endless Possibilities!
Find the pattern here.


August 22, 2016

3-1/2" Tall Tiny Monsters Free Crochet Pattern

Tiny monsters stand 3-1/2" tall and are made of size 10 crochet threads and size 7 crochet hook. Their heads are crochet covered wood beads on pipe cleaners so that the arms and legs bend. You can find the pattern on my free pattern web site here.

The mummy has google eyes and is wrapped in chained "bandages"

Frank has a flat top head and his features are painted in with black fabric paint.

The ghost is fat and happy and ready to haunt.

This guy is a pumpkin headed ghoul. He's a throw back from Halloween in the 1920's.

The Bride of Frankenstein has her tail tail white streaks in her her tall black hair.

Last is the Devil, complete with horns and a cape.

Here you can see how the head is worked and then slipped over the wooden bead  with the pipe cleaner body sticking out.

The body is worked, stuffed and then divided to make the legs. Arms are made and then sewn on.
I've always wanted to take the Tiny Monster set further, like design a house or lab play house.
I just love these little guys.