March 14, 2014

Free Vintage Crochet Pattern: Lacy Torso Blouse

Here is this Friday's free vintage pattern from my person collection. It is called: Lacy Torso Blouse and you can find the pattern here. It is a crochet pattern from the 1950's. Great addition to a retro wardrobe.

12-inch Baby Doll Everyday Outfit and Caterpillar Costume Free Crochet Pattern

 Here is a cute pattern for a 12-inch baby doll.
 It comes with instructions to make a short sleeve top with caterpillar applique
 Draw-string pants with feet.
 A doll size caterpillar toy to play with
 Here is the caterpillar toy's side view. You can see it colored humps, pom-pom nose, wiggle eyes and craft stems for antani.
 The costume also has colored humps and is a green base. All the items were worked using Red Heart Super Saver yarns-worsted weight-#3.
 The cap is the caterpillar's head with wiggle eyes, pom-pom nose and anti just like the doll size toy had.
The costume base ties at the bottom with a draw-string and has long sleeves.

March 10, 2014

Free Crochet Pattern Heart-Peace Tote, Purse and Wallet Set

 This week's pattern is really a set of three pattern. You can make a tote, purse and or wallet.
 The heart and peace symbol was made using a raised stitch pattern. There is a photo tutorial on how to make the raise stitches here.
 Basically I used what ever left-over yarns I had and used the white yarn to make the raised stitches pop even more off the background. Pattern here.