September 04, 2013

Free Crochet Pattern Gray V Loop Purse

Here is the free pattern I promised.  It's an easy and fast to make purse, but what makes this purse unique is the beaded detail.  It is beade V loops you make as you are crocheting and then before you finish the last row on your purse you stop and insert one loop into the other until all have been looped and then finish the purse. (Tutorial here)   The purse pattern is here in case you're interested! BTW my new index is finally finished! Check it out!                                                            

Two-In-One Stacking Air Dolls Crochet Pattern

Here is something new I came up with.  I call them Stacking Dolls.  They are a two in one doll. Based on the air freshener doll of old (you can still find them in most craft stores).  This time instead of placing the doll on an air freshener cone (hense their name) they sit atop a little stuffed friend.
There is Miss Octavia and her Octopur
Miss Molly and her Clown friend
Miss Penny and her lovely Panda.
Together they stand 9" tall and apart they are about 4-1/2" tall.
Sadly this is not a free pattern (which I will be posting next) but one I sell for 3.99.
If interested in more photos or to buy click here.

September 03, 2013

Free Snowman Pin Crochet Pattern

Great News! I finally have my new index for my free pattern site.  It is more detailed and I hope easier to use. Stop by and check it out!
White you are there check out this free snowman pin!