March 23, 2009

How To Make a Drop In Lining For a Purse

How to Make a Drop in Lining for a Crochet Purse.

I call it a drop in lining because it isn't completely sewn into the purse, top and bottom. You can pull it out.

You begin by measuring the depth of the purse (from the inside top edge to the bottom. Then you measure the circumference around the inside of the purse. You will have a measurement something like: 7" X 26".

You now add a 1\2" seem allowance to that measurement, so it's now 8" X 27". Cut that size rectangle from the fabric you will be lining the purse with.

Fold the rectangle in half so that both short end meet. Pin and sew a 1\2" seam.

Make a pattern of the bottom of the purse by drawing around it and then adding 1\2" for seam allowances. Pin the bottom to one long edge of lining. The purse I am lining has a square bottom so I had to be careful pinning around corners.

Bottom completely pinned to bottom lining.

Lining sewn together.

If you wish to add a pocket, now is the time to do it. Decide how big of a pocket you would like, cut two out of fabric, pin wrong sides together and sew leaving a space for turning. Turn pocket to right sides, sew opening closed, pin and sew to lining.

Pin under a 1\2" hem around outer edge of lining--hem is always to the wrong side of what you are making.

Drop the lining into the purse, wrong sides together. Pin in place and then sew lining to purse.

Picture of finished lining in purse.

Lining has been sewn to the purse, but can still be pulled out.

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