June 21, 2017

Free Poncho Crochet Patterns From Donna's Crochet Designs

The first pattern in my set of three picks is a Granny Square Poncho. Pattern here.

The squares are made with thread and then sewn together to make the poncho. It's a great take along project and because it is made with thread it's light in weight and can be worn throughout the year.

The next is a poncho made using both #4 yarn and chunky chenille thread. It is in larger sizes for ladies: L-XXL. It is done in alternating rows of sold crochet and loops so it can be worn year round too!. You can find the pattern here.

The last of the tree is this turtle neck shorty poncho. You can find the pattern here.

Great project to use chunky yarns. You can wear the collar up.

Or wear the collar down. It's a great pattern for the beginner.


February 16, 2017

How To Make Legs for Crochet Toy Dargon

One of my more popular free toy patterns is this dragon. You can find the pattern for this cute guy here.

I have been asked to do a photo tutorial on how the make the leg for the dragon and I finally got around to it. You can find it here.


February 13, 2017

Free Top, Lace Shrug and Matching Purse Crochet Pattern Set

This week's free pattern is really 3 patterns: Peppercorn Top, Shrug & Purse Set. You can find the pattern here.

The top and purse is made with 100 percent cotton Sugar 'N Cream yarn by the name of Peppercorn. It is a yarn most people use to make dish cloths and scrubbers. I thought it would be interesting to take the yarn out of the kitchen and into your closet.

The top is in a halter style with lace straps and lace covered front.

The shrug (as well as the lace trims) is made with size 10 crochet thread but with a larger than normal crochet hook: Size E. This makes the shrug and lace faster to make and very light in weight.

Here is the detail of the lace used for the shrug and lace trim.


February 08, 2017

Photo Tutorial How To Make The Brim For a Monkey Hat

I just posted a photo tutorial on how to crochet the brim on this Monkey Hat. You can find the tutorial here.

You can find the free crochet pattern for this Monkey Hat here.


February 06, 2017

Lilac Purse with Pearl Beads and Crochet Roses Free Crochet Pattern

Lovely Lilac Purse features pearl beads and crochet roses. You can find the pattern here.

Crochet roses are strung with beads and then sewn to the bottom of the purse. The purse was made with Patons Lacette yarn in Lilac Lace and size E hook.

The handles are a combination of 16 mm pearl beads, size E beads in clear and amber and more crochet roses. Finish size of the bag is 8" X 10"


February 01, 2017

Thread Red Loops Necklace Free Crochet Pattern

This week's free pattern is for a fun necklace with a great loop texture. You can find the pattern here.

The necklace is 24" long and features crochet gold beads and gold clasp cover. You will need size 7 hook, size 10 crochet thread in red and gold, necklace clasp and needle to take thread.


January 20, 2017

Hats, Bags and Accessories Free Vintage Crochet Pattern

Here is this week's free vintage pattern from my collection. It is really four hat patterns in booklet form. You can find the pdf here.


Free Pattern and Tutorial Woven Accents Purse

Woven accents purse features stripes of crochet woven over and under to get this unique look. You can find the free crochet pattern for the purse here.

There is also a photo step by step tutorial on how to weave the stripes here.

As a bonus I've added a photo tutorial on how to line the purs as well. It can be found here.

I hope you like them all!

January 16, 2017

12 inch Baby Doll Outfit and Penguin Costume Free Crochet Pattern

This weeks free pattern is a double pattern. It is an everyday outfit and Penguin costume for a 12 inch size baby doll. You can find the pattern here.

There is also a tiny Penguin doll that is sized just right for the 12 inch baby doll to love.

Here is the Penguin costume on the doll and she is holding the Penguin toy.

 Cute Penguin feet are styling this all in one costume.

A tiny top hat sits atop the costume's head. You also get a great view of the Penguin's beak.

Here is is everyday outfit for the 12 inch baby doll. As you can see a cute Penguin applique is sewn to the doll's top.

A bow headband tops the doll's head.

Here is an up close look at the Penguin applique.

The pants for the baby doll have feet attached to them and tie with a draw string.

Hope you like it!

January 03, 2017

Pop Tab Tote Crochet Pattern from Donna's Crochet Designs

This weeks free crochet pattern is my popular Pop Tab Tote! Found here.

 It was crochet using a baby weight yarn and 240 pop tabs. The pop tabs are crochet into each motif and then connected as you go.

Even the tote's straps have pop tabs crochet into them! I have several photo tutorials on how to crochet with pop tabs found here and here and here.