November 27, 2011

Vintage Crochet Patterns

I've only recently discovered vintage crochet patterns.

I had never really looked at them before thinking they were all doilies and pillow cases, you know old lady/grandma stuff, but I was wrong!

There are a lot of great purse patterns out there that work very well for today.

Here is my first attempt. I got the pattern out of a really old book I had. I had always liked the texture or look of the stitches on the purse and intended on using it for inspiration. (I've got book cases and folders full of inspiration photos)

I used an all cotton yarn I got on clearance and never really found a use for. (Sound familiar?) It's a sugar 'n cream yarn in off white.

The crochet is done in continuous crochet where you don't stop and start each round but just keep going around and around..

It's basically you are making at large rectangle that you then fold in at the sides and then fold over at the corners.

You need to line the purse, but if using a magnetic fastener you would have to do that anyway.

I like how it came out and plan on doing more.

The only real disadvantage to vintage purse patterns that I have ran into is the lack of gauge and size of the finished item. But that can work to your advantage. Basically you just substitute any yarn you'd like to work with and then use a hook you're comfortable with and go! Yarn weight is really what your size is dependant on.

Happy Crocheting!