March 22, 2009

How To Line an Envelope Style Purse

How To Line an Envelope Style Purse

Lay the body of the bag out flat. Cut a piece of fabric about 1\2" larger than the body of the bag.

All around the outer edge of the fabric pin a 3\4" hem to wrong side of the fabric. At this point lay the pinned fabric back on the body of the bag. You want the fabric to cover the wrong side of the bag, but still leave 1\4" of less from the outer edge so when you sew the lining and fold the bag the lining does not show.

At this point you can press the hem in of the lining or if you are lazy like me, just leave the pins in and skip the pressing.

Now you are ready to make the pockets. Determine how big of pockets you want to make by how much room there will be left on the inside of the purse when finished.
In my case the purse I am lining is 7" wide, so my pocket will have to fit between that 7". I decided on a 6" wide pocket the was 4" long. Adding seam allowances the cut pocket will be 6-1\2" X 4-1\2", allowing a 1\2" seam allowance.
I want two pockets for my purse so I cut out four 6-1\2" X 4-1\2" squares.

Pin Wrong sides together.

Sew around the outer edges of the pocket leaving room along one long side for turning.
Turn the pocket right side out.

Sew the opening at the bottom closed. You will want to press the pocket at this point to make it easier to handle.

Go back the the pin hemmed lining. Lay out the pockets on the lining in the position you would like them to go. At this point it is necessary to go back to the purse so you can determine where you want the pockets to go.
I laid it side by side with my lining and folding it (the purse) into it's ultimate size to decided where the pockets should go on the lining.
Pin the pockets in place making sure mark where the opening the the pockets should be. After all you don't want an up-side-down pocket in your purse.
Sew in place.

Lay the finished lining onto the purse, wrong sides together, pin and sew in place.

Once the lining is sewn you can finish constructing the purse.

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