May 30, 2007

Announcing Charlie!

This is my first picture book with a crochet pattern tied to it!!!!

This is Charlie.
Charlie is this loveable dog who eats things that he shouldn't.
He is done in crochet and has a special tonuge that gets longer when you pull it.
There is also a 15 page picture book that goes along with it that tells the story of Charlie.
It is an orginial story of mine (so is the crochet pattern) with illustrations (also by me) that has been converted into a pdf.
For more detials so to:

Story Behind Giraffe Afghan

My parents live in Tennessee, I live in Ohio and my brother lives in California. We recently had a bit of a family reunion-if you can call it that. I was looking through old pictures with my mother and we came across one of my brother-about 6 or 7 on his training wheel bike with an indian headdress on.
I asked mom if that was what my brother wanted to be at the time-an indian and she said. "No, he wanted to be a giraffe."
I though she was kidding. She wasn't. At the time he wanted to grow really tall and the tallest thing he could think of was a giraffe.
Funny how things like that stick in your mind.
With nothing else much to do I started an afghan. After getting the background complete and with that giraffe comment in mind, I decided to do a girafe afghan. By then my brother had arrived and asked what I was working on.
So I told him, a giraffe.
He said it didn't look like a giraffe.
Of course it wouldn't, I was working on the spots, which he said didn't look muck like spots.
Of course not, they weren't sewn together.

I'm use this this, because nothing I ever I have evered designed started out looking like the finished piece, but he just kept asking!
So Lanny, here is my giraffe afghan. See the spots?

See the Giraffe?

How about now? is where the pattern can be bought.