November 20, 2013

6-inch Christmas Angel Free Crochet Pattern by Donna's Crochet Designs

 This is my 6-inch Christmas Angel and the free pattern can be found here.
 She uses a doll head and hands you can find at most craft stores and left over size 10 crochet threads.
Her wings are sewn to her back just like her red & green wrap.
Add a folded bit of paper to her hands for a song book and you could make an entire choir. If you add stiff cardboard to her base you can actually get her to stand.

6-inch Blue Snow Angel Free Crochet Pattern from Donna's Crochet Designs

 I call her Blue Snow Angel and the free pattern is here. She is 6-inches tall.
 I used size 10 crochet threads, just the odds and ends I had on hand. It really doesn't take much to make her.
 Here wings are sewn to her jacket.
I made her using doll head and hands you can get at most craft stores. Her arms are glued into the bottom of the blue sleeve, then the mixed blue sleeve is added and sewn to the doll.

She would look good done in different colors and put on a wreath or the tree. She would also make a good teacher gift or decoration for a present.

November 11, 2013

November 04, 2013

Free Crochet Pattern Orange Diamonds Hat, Purse and Scarf From Donna's Crochet Designs

 This week the free patterns number three and all three fit together like diamonds. (Get it? Diamonds?--Okay I never did have a really good sence of humor) This is the Orange Diamonds Purse.
 Here is the pattern for the Orange Diamonds Scarf. I liked the way the orange looked against the black, but any colors will work here.
And now the Orange Diamonds Hat. They aren't hard to make. As long as you know how to make a half double crochet and how to drop and pick up colors you're all set.

October 28, 2013

Witch in a Hot Air Balloon Free Crochet Pattern From Donna's Crochet Designs

 This witch has cast a magical spell over a couple of pumpkins so she can go riding in the night. (Guess her broom was too uncomfortable!)
 Chenille stems are what keep this balloon top  standing up.
 Here the stems have poked through and then been bent back on themselves to hold it place.
 The witch is also chenille stems, bent to make the arm, legs and body with a wooden 1-inch doll head.
Another view of the Witch in A Pumpkin Hot Air Balloon. In case you missed it from above the pattern can be found here.

October 23, 2013

Pair of Ginger Bread House Gift Bags Free Crochet Pattern From Donna's Crochet Design

 This free pattern is for both Ginger Bread Gift Bags/
 Felt and fabric paint are added to make the windows and door really POP!
 Peppermints, candy canes and red candies make up this ginger bread gift bag.
 This ginger bread gift bag features red, yellow and green hard candies.
 Again felt and fabric paint are used to make the doors and windows POP!
Finished sized of both gift bags is: *' X 10" X 2" deep and are made with Red Heart worsted weight yarns and size 10 crochet threads.

October 21, 2013

Mr. Pumpkin Man Free Crochet Pattern From Donna's Crochet Designs

 One of this weeks new free patterns is: Mr. Pumpkin Man! In yarn he is a doll  9" tall. do the pattern all in thread and he's a tiny 3-1/2" tall.
 Here is a close up of the guy in thread.
Here is Mr. Pumpkin Man all in yarn. Kind of reminds me of that huge marshmallow man from the movie "Ghost Busters"

October 16, 2013

Free Acorn Hat, Scarf and Purse Crochet Pattern From Donna's Crochet Designs

 The first in this set of three patterns is the Acorn Purse. I used Homespun brand yarns and mixed two colors to get this unique look. I also appliqued on acorns and leaves to get a nice fall feel to the project.
 Here is the Acorn Hat. Any heavy weight yarn will work just as well as the Homespun did. I just happened to have this one hand and thought it time to use it.
Here is the last pattern in the set: Acorn Scarf. Normally I try to publish my free patterns separately and then forget to let you all know about the second or third so I decided to do them all at one time.
The set would make a great gift. You know that time of year is just around the corner!

October 09, 2013

Kitty Tote Free Crochet Pattern from Donna's Crochet Designs

 This is Kitty Tote my latest free crochet pattern.  Kitty is easier to make than she looks.  You make the kitty, outline with large black stitches and then edge with fun fur.
I made the handles for this tote with some beads and bells I had on hand.  (Get it? Kitty? Bells?)

October 08, 2013

Free Afghan Pattern Too Many Pinks and Too Many Blues From Donna's Crochet Designs

 I never realized there were so many baby blue and baby pink yarns out there until I tried to help my mom find the "perfect" one.  I thought it would be fun to try and combine as many as I could in an afghan. I used fun fur yarn to tie all the blocks together. I hope you like it. Too Many Pinks and Too Many Blues Afghan

October 01, 2013

Boo Purse Free Crochet Pattern from Donna's Crochet Designs

Boo Purse is this week's free pattern.  The ghost and the word "boo" is crochet into the bag as you work. A bit of fun fur along the top edge dresses it up, but the real beauty is in the handles you can make yourself. 


September 25, 2013

Mr. Pumpkin Man Rattle Free Crochet Pattern

This is Mr. Pumpkin Man what is so different about Mr Pumpkin Man is that his head is a rattle.  Fast and fun to make he can easily be turned into a holiday pin.  For the free pattern click here.

September 20, 2013

Free Octopus Crochet Pattern From Donna's Crochet Designs

This guy just makes me smile.  The free pattern is here. The octopus uses bright colors to catch the eye.  I also put squeakers and rattles in some of the legs.  And that necklace he is wearing is actually a baby teething ring.  You can get the squeakers at places like etsy or got to a pet store and look in the dog toy isle.  They usually have packages of replacement squeakers there.  The rattle is a super simple one I made my self. He is just an over all fun guy!

September 04, 2013

Free Crochet Pattern Gray V Loop Purse

Here is the free pattern I promised.  It's an easy and fast to make purse, but what makes this purse unique is the beaded detail.  It is beade V loops you make as you are crocheting and then before you finish the last row on your purse you stop and insert one loop into the other until all have been looped and then finish the purse. (Tutorial here)   The purse pattern is here in case you're interested! BTW my new index is finally finished! Check it out!                                                            

Two-In-One Stacking Air Dolls Crochet Pattern

Here is something new I came up with.  I call them Stacking Dolls.  They are a two in one doll. Based on the air freshener doll of old (you can still find them in most craft stores).  This time instead of placing the doll on an air freshener cone (hense their name) they sit atop a little stuffed friend.
There is Miss Octavia and her Octopur
Miss Molly and her Clown friend
Miss Penny and her lovely Panda.
Together they stand 9" tall and apart they are about 4-1/2" tall.
Sadly this is not a free pattern (which I will be posting next) but one I sell for 3.99.
If interested in more photos or to buy click here.

September 03, 2013

Free Snowman Pin Crochet Pattern

Great News! I finally have my new index for my free pattern site.  It is more detailed and I hope easier to use. Stop by and check it out!
White you are there check out this free snowman pin!

August 29, 2013

Elephant Scarf and Tote Set Crochet Pattern

As you can see by the photos I have added another scarf & tote set to my animal series. It is an Elephant Scarf & Tote Set crochet pattern for 5.99. The link takes you to a page on my site that gives you more information about the set and where you can see even more photos.  You can then decide of you want to buy the pattern through Etsy or through Ravelry. I do this so you can have an instant download of the pattern and not have to wait for me to e-mail it to you.
I hope you like it!

August 28, 2013

Pearl Wrap with Beaded Pin Free Crochet Pattern

Here is the second free crochet pattern for this week: Pearl Wrap with Pin Free Crochet Pattern.  The wrap has a scattering of peral beads crochet into its body and a lovely scalloped trim at its edges.  The pin is also crochet and used peral beads and is used to close the wrap.

Light weight and great for any occasion.


August 27, 2013

Free Crochet Pattern Sequin Envelope Purse

Here is a cute envelope stype purse all covered in sequins, it even has a hand hold in back to make it easier to keep tract of your purse.  This is one of two free patterns this week.  You'll find the pattern here. Enjoy!