February 25, 2009

Use of Abbreviations in Crochet

Question of the week concerns the use of abbreviations in crochet. You can't get around them and they save wear and tear on the finger when keying in the instructions as well as the length of instructions.
The question is about one abbreviation in particular:

Sa = Same

I include a list of abbreviations I use at the end of all my patterns that I sale.
Recently I was asked what stitch it meant when I said: Ch-1, sc sa st as beg ch-1.
Written out: Chain 1, single crochet same stitch as begin chain-1.
I have also been told that the use of sa for same is confusing.

So what is the vote?

Should same be written out completely
is sa acceptable?



Kim said...

Thank you so much for that bit of information. I'm a novice at crochet really and I am still learning how to read crochet patterns. I like the way you show us in pictures what you are doing with certain patterns too. Great.... Thank you

Kathryn said...

I am a seasoned crocheter, but haven't seen sa used for same before, but if it is stated as an abreviation used in a pettern, then I don't see a problem with it. If not stated, then it could be confusing.