February 25, 2009

Crochet Tutorial on Chain Loop Stitch

Crochet Tutorial on Chain Loop Stitch

I like to use the chain loop st to add texture to my crochet like in this Echoing Heart Tote.

It is a very easy stitch to master and works up quickly.

It's also great to the touch which is why I love to use it when I make bath rugs for my home!

The stitch is based on chaining and slip stitches in foundation row.

I have begun by making a base row of half double crochet.
In the first photo I have chained 12 or ch-12.
In the second photo I have slip stitched two stitches or sl st next 2.
You continue across the row: Ch-12, sl st next 2.

Here is the finished row

Here I have pushed or pressed the loops made in the previous row to the back of my work which will become the front of my piece and am now beginning to hdc in ea st across to lock the chain stitches in place and to have another row to work the Ch-12, sl st next 2.

Here is the back of the work with 1 base row hdc sts, 1 row ch lps and 1 row hdc.

Here is the front of the same piece.

This is how the next row of ch lp looks.

This is the back of a completed sample square of ch lp.

This is the front of the same piece.

In this sample is shows a much shorter ch lp st of ch-6 sl st next 2 sts.

On the top is the shorter ch lp st sample
On the bottom is the longer ch lp sample
By verying the number of chains in the loop you can get a very different texture.


MissMuggy said...

What a fantastic method! Thanks! I want to make sure I did this right, the slip stitches are actually front loop DC only, right? I only figured it out from the name on the jpgs. Then the next hdcs are in the back loops only, right?

Donna's Crochet Designs said...

Thank you!
There are no Dc in this sample. You begin with a base row of hdc or sc or dc whatever you want to work with.
Next row is the ch-12 sl st. I personally sl st top of the stich and not front loop or back loop just because it is easier for me. The idea of sl st in front loop and next row make your hdc, sc, dc, is a wonderful idea!