January 01, 2009

Crochet Tutorial on Adding a New Color

Crochet Tutorial on the Basics of Adding a New Color

I begin with a base of two rows of half double crochet (hdc). In this photo I am beginning another row and have worked 2 stitches (sts) and have begun another hdc.

In this phot I have the 3 loops (lps) of the hdc on my hook in the White. Here is where I want to add or change the color I am using. So I drop the White to the back of my piece, but still have tension on it with my finger. I pick up the Black and place it between (bet) the same (sa) finger also for tension. I then yarn over (yo)

Pull through and compete the hdc, but with Black and not the White I was previously working with.

I have fasten off the White and will be working or carring the White behind the Black hdc as I make them to seamlessly weave the cut ends into the piece. I usually carry the fastened off thread or yarn about 4 to 5 sts into the row before triming the ends and going alsog just with (in this case) the Black.

Sometimes you are asked to drop the color (in this case White). This means you comptelty stop using the White and let it

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