December 31, 2008

What Makes A Toy Interactive?

Question of the Week:

I recently took a pole about crochet toys. The question was which you you perfer, the cuties sit around toy or one that was interactive.

Interactive won hands down.

Now here is my qestion:

What makes a crochet toy be considered as interactive? The addition of magnets so that you can mover-exchange body parts?

Bendable Arms and Legs?A play set?

Something where each leg squeeks, music plays, etc?

Wheels that actuall roll?

Something with a purpose? Like this ring stacker?

Or ring toss game?

I can wait to read your responses!


Anonymous said...

Great toys! This has really inspired me to think about this a lot more when desinging or making a toy. Thanks!

I love you blog and your pattern sites. Thanks for sharing.

Donna's Crochet Designs said...

Thank you.
I am hoping to get more ideas on how to add movement to more of my designs.
Today I saw a pull string toy that made the wheels move and the head turn. I got one and plan on taking it apart and see if I can some how incorporate it into one of my projects!

Anonymous said...

I love your toys!!! The ring toss is really cute! You have really great ideas and you are also a great crochet artest.

Donna's Crochet Designs said...

Thank you, I'm always striving to be more unique!

Anonymous said...

Yes! All of the above are interactive. Interactive means one thing affects another.

The cause & effect of these toys make them interactive.

Wonderful toys!