December 31, 2008

Crochet Tutorial: Dropping and Picking Up Colors

Crochet Tutorial: Dropping and Picking Up of Colors.

In my patterns that require color changes I will write: Pick up Black, drop White, half double crochet (hdc) next 4 stitches (sts), pick up White, drop Black, hdc next 12 sts...
To help explain what I mean;
We will begin with the basics: Adding in another color.
Here is my base of two rows hdc in white. I have begun the next row and have three of the loops (lps) needed to complete my next hdc.

Instead of completing the hdc in White, I drop the White I was using and holding the end of my new color-Black-I yarn over (yo) and pull through completing the st.
I am now using the Black.

Here it shows me carrying the dropped White behind the sts I work with Black so that I can access the White when I need it later.
This would be: Carry White, pick up Black, hdc next # of sts.

Here I am doing the reverse and am going from Black to White or Dropping White, Pick up Black.

Here is the st completed so I am now working in White again.

This shows that instead of working the dropped Black behind the White sts as I make them, I have completely dropped the Black to the wrong side of my piece and will pick it back up in the next row.
This is: Drop Black, Pick up White, hdc next # sts.

Here shows the completed row, with the dropped Black showing on the wrong side of the piece. I am still working in White to begin the next row.

Here I am Picking up Black from the wrong side and completing the last hdc made in White with the Black.

Again this shows my progress with the piece in that I am carrying the White after Picking up the Black.

Making more sts carry the White behind.

Now I am Dropping the Black, Picking up the White I have carried to complete the st.

The st is complete and I would work the rest of the row with White.

Here is an unusual example in that the instructions tell me to Hdc next 3 sts, carry Black next 3 sts so that I can do the color change later in the row from where I had Dropped the Black previously.
You simply do 3 sts in White, pick up Black to carry it behind the next 3 sts you work.

At the end of the 3 sts you change to Black, (Pick up Black) and carry White (behind sts as you work)
Here is the piece after the row is completed. Note how the White has been carried across 3 more Black sts than the previous row and seamlessly change colors.
In the picture, the row is completed with the Black Dropped and row ending working White.

This picture shows 3 sts done in White, White carried, Black picked up, hdc next 3 sts and instead of crocheting the next sts in Black, White is picked up, Black will be carried behind sts part way and then dropped

Here the row is completed showing the Black Carried 5 sts behind the white and then dropped to wrong side of piece.

In this picture I have hdc the # of required White sts, pick up the Black from the Wrong side, and will complete that st so I will be working in Black again.

Required # of Black sts made, 3 loops of last hdc on hook...

Picking up the Carried White to complete the row.

Here is the front of the piece so far showing the White at the end of the row and Black trailing from behind.

Wrong side of piece, again with the White at the end of the row and the Black on the wrong side where is has been dropped.
I know these instructions are generalized, but I feel you can figure out my meaning when I say: Hdc next 4 sts, pick up Black, carry White, hdc next 2 sts, pick up White, drop Black, hdc last 12 sts, ch-1, turn.
If you need more of an explanation on one or more of the photos just comment the blog and I will answer you the best I can.
Also if you would like to see a tutorial on any crochet stitch or technique just let me know.


LadyBug said...

really useful tutorial! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Nice work
What is the size of your hook ?

Donna's Crochet Designs said...

Size 7