September 30, 2016

Miss Bear as Pumpkin Fairy Free Crochet Pattern

 This week my Miss Bear doll is the free crochet pattern I'm posting. She has a series of outfits that will be posted in the following weeks. You can find the pattern for her, here.
 Miss Bear's body is crochet using size 10 crochet thread to make it easier to dress the doll. Her 'paws" are made of yarn and removable to also make it easier to dress the doll. Her head is made of yarn. She will stand on her own if the base is made correctly.
 Her first outfit is for the Pumpkin Fairy. You can find the pattern here. The dress is made using size 10 crochet threads and is form fitting.
 You will also need black fabric paint in order to decorate her skirt to look like a jack-o-lantern.
 Her bodice features a touch of green much like the leaves on a real pumpkin.
The Pumpkin Fairy's wings are small jack-o-lanterns that feature black fabric painted face.
I hope you like her!

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