September 26, 2016

Halloween Inspired Cuff Bracelets Free Crochet Patterns

Today I wanted to show case a few of my Halloween themed cuff bracelets. They are from my free e-book: Crochet Bracelets (found here). There are over 34 cuff bracelets in the book taking you from the super easy all one color bracelet to more advanced.

 The bracelet is 7-1/2" long and crochet in half double crochet. Snaps are sewn to the ends to fasten.

Three small bats decorate the cuff and are made with black size 10 crochet thread. The pattern is here

This next bracelet also features a bat, but one extra large bat covering the entire span of the cuff.

The Large bat cuff pattern can be found here

This next cuff features a series of spider webs.Each web is made and then sewn together to form the bracelet. Made with size 10 crochet threads in white and black.

You can find the all Spider Web cuff pattern here

 Here a single spider web is attached the a totally black band to form the cuff.

 You can find the single Spider Web Cuff pattern here

The last bracelet is a skull cuff. Made with size 10 crochet threads in white and black, the skull is made and then sewn to the center of an all black bracelet.

You can find the Skull Cuff pattern here


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