February 07, 2008

Sequin Headband Free Crochet Pattern

Sequin Headband Free Crochet Pattern


Baby wt yarn in white, size E hook, needle to take yarn, 6" piece of 1\4" wide elastic and 54 lg round sequins.

GAUGE: 6 dc = 1", 3 rows dc = 1"


Thread sequins onto yarn.

ROW 1: With yarn and E hook ch-10, dc 3rd ch from hook, dc ea ch across, ch-3, turn. (8 sts)

ROW 2-30: Dc ea st across, ch-3, turn.

ROW 31: Dc next st, (slide sequin down and against st just worked, dc next 2 sts) across, ch-3, turn.

ROW 32: Dc ea st across, ch-3, turn.

ROW 33-68: Rep row 31-32 alternating. End of row 68 fasten off.

Sew short ends of headband tog to form a lp. Sew ea end of the elastic on wrong side of piece at the end\beg of sequins. Fold plain rows of dc over elastic and sew closed.




Judie said...

This looks adorable for my 11 yr old granddaughter. However..I'm not clear on the sewing the elastic. It sounds like you sew it together and then sew on the elastic. What am I missing?

Judie said...

I am unable to print the directions. It just prints "Donna's Crochet Designs Blog of Free Patterns"

Donna's Crochet Designs said...

I've never tried to print anything off my blog so I can't really answer your question there, sorry.

As for the elastic. You have crochet the headband. You will have the sequin covered front piece and the plain back piece. You take the elastic and sew one end to just the end of the sequin front part. You will then have a headband with a line of elastic across its center.

The plain crochet part is then folded over the elastic and sewn close to encase the elastic. You will have the bunch the plain crochet part in order to sew it entirely across the elastic and finishing the headband.

It is the covered elastic that allows the headband to fit snuggly around the head.

I hope this answers your question,