January 26, 2007

Hemp & Bead Belt Crochet Pattern


1\2 ball of 400 feet 48 lb hemp cord (found in the jewelry isle in most craft stores), H hook or hook to obtain gauge, 1 pkg of 160 count 8 mm round wood beads in brown, tan and off-white, small amount of Lion Suede in coffee and craft glue.
GAUGE: Round motif is 1-1\2” diameter; rectangle is 1-1\2” X 3”

FINISHED SIZE: 1-1\2” X 36” (length is taken bet end knots)

Thread 40 beads onto hemp in brown, tan and off-white sequence. With hemp and H hook loosely ch-5, sl st to form a ring.

RND 1: (Slide bead, sc in ring) 10 times, sl st top beg sc, ch-1, turn. (10 sts)

RND 2: 2 sc ea st around, sl st top beg sc, fasten off. (20 sts)

-Make 4

Thread 30 beads onto hemp in brown, tan and off-white sequence.

ROW 1: With hemp and H hook loosely ch-5, sc 2nd ch from hook, sc ea ch across, ch-1, turn. (4 sts)

ROW 2: (Sc next st, slide bead, sc next st) twice, sc last st, ch-1, turn.

ROW 3: Sc ea st across, ch-1, turn.

ROW 4-11: Rep row 2&3 alternating. End row 11 fasten off.

-Make 3

Cut 5 lengths of Lion Suede at 63” each. Holding all 5 lengths of suede measure in 12” and knot all lengths tog. Measure in 2” from knot, glue on one round motif. Measure 3” from last motif and glue one rectangle. Measure 3” from last rectangle and glue one round motif. Rep measuring 3” and gluing until all rectangle and motifs are used—you should end on a round motif. Measure 2” from last motif and knot all 5 yarns tog. Belt is worn tied at the waist. To make longer or short just add motif and rectangle or remove them shortening or lengthening suede yarn as needed.


Anonymous said...

Thanks - perfect for my brown jumpsuit!

Pamela said...

This is something new idea of making belts using hemp patterns ?Thanks for posting the procedure.