October 11, 2016

Harvest Angel Barbie Free Crochet Pattern

The second pattern is for Barbie Harvest Angel. You can find the pattern here. Here outfit is crochet entirely using size 10 crochet threads and size 7 crochet hook.

The outfit consists of a full length dress with apron gathered and sewn to the dress.

Here you can see how the body of the apron was gathered and secured with single crochet edging.

Next is a harvest green vest.

The vest features an elaborate bow in back with an accent of ribbon roses along its edges. You can also see the snap on the back of the vest that allows the wings to be removable so they can be re-stiffened whenever needed without taking the dress apart.

The wings are crochet using size 10 crochet thread and can be found here.

A skirt form is crochet from yarn and lightly stuffed to help the dress keep its shape. It can also help to allow the doll to stand on her own. The pattern is here.


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