July 18, 2016

Fleece Poodle Scarf Pattern From My Crochet Poodle Scarf Pattern

I'm so proud of this pattern. I just posted it on Etsy for 4.99! No, it's not free, but I've always made of point of stating if this is a pattern I'm selling several times in my post. Please don
t hold me responsible for Pinterest boards that state a pattern of mine is free. I have no control over other people's boards.

This the Poodle's face, hair, muzzle, ears, eyes, nose and tongue are all glued on with no-sew glue to keep the scarf totally washable.
The scarf it's self, legs and tail are all sewn with a machine.

Several photo tutorials are included in the pattern: How to attached the cut fleece that make's the Poodle's fur, how to put the legs together, how to layer the head as well as how to make French knots in the eyes.

Remember the fleece pattern is for sell at my Etsy shop for 4.99!
Above it a photo of my crochet Poodle scarf (also not free and available at Etsy for 4.99!)
I think I did a good job translating the crochet Poodle scarf into fleece.
I plan on making fleece patterns for all my scarves.
Hope you like it!

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