April 14, 2014

Pop Tab Envelope Purse Free Crochet Pattern with Photo Tutorial

 Envelope Style Pop Tab Purse is my latest free pattern. An envelope purse is probably the easiest of all purses to make next to a sack purse. You simply make a long rectangle and fold it into thirds. The top fold is the flap for the purse. The next folds are sewn together at the sides to make the purse.
 What makes this purse unique it the fact that pop tabs are used to make the "fabric" for the purse. Because it is made with pop tabs crochet together the purse needs to be lined. To line it, you simply used the finished purse as a pattern (before the sides are sewn), cutting two of fabric making sure to add 1/2" all around for a seam allowance. Sew around edges of fabric leaving an opening for turning. Turn right side out, sew opening closed. Press lining to lay flat and then sew to the wrong side of the purse. Then fold and sew the purse.
Here is a photo tutorial on how to crochet the pop tabs into the "fabric."

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