November 20, 2013

6-inch Blue Snow Angel Free Crochet Pattern from Donna's Crochet Designs

 I call her Blue Snow Angel and the free pattern is here. She is 6-inches tall.
 I used size 10 crochet threads, just the odds and ends I had on hand. It really doesn't take much to make her.
 Here wings are sewn to her jacket.
I made her using doll head and hands you can get at most craft stores. Her arms are glued into the bottom of the blue sleeve, then the mixed blue sleeve is added and sewn to the doll.

She would look good done in different colors and put on a wreath or the tree. She would also make a good teacher gift or decoration for a present.

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Anonymous said...

How come this Lovely Doll isn't posted to the CP Group site? If you DON'T mind me doing so, I'll go ahead and do this now? Many a Mom& Gram'ma would love this for a little girl for their Barbie Doll this holiday! Thank YOU so Very Much! Sheri *¿*