October 29, 2012

Black & White Hat, Scarf and Mittens Set Free Crochet Patterns

It's been a long time I know. 
I had a bad move to a rural area where power hits killed my hard drive before I found my surge protector.  Thank heavens for back ups!
So many things got mis-laid and probably more are still in boxes.  Yes I did label all the boxes like: Kitchen.  Problem is that was all I put on the boxes that held everything that goes into my kitchen, including food, towels, the junk drawer, etc.  It was 3 days before I found my pots and pans.
Today is my first day to republish my free pattern site after wading through copies of copies that were mirrored in my back up. It is for a HAT, SCARF and MITTENS that are made of blocks of color. 
As long as you know how to single crochet, double crochet (my favorite stitch combination for texture) and how to drop and pick up colors you can make this set.
The easiest to make is the scarf. 
You could change the colors to match the colors of a favorite football team or how about school colors.  Great way to earn a little extra cash making scarves in your school colors!

There is also a PURSE that can go with the set.
One or all would make nice gifts.

Maybe you could make a HAT for Uncle George, a SCARF for sister Sue, MITTENS for little Sammy and a PURSE  for Aunt Mable! 

Wouldn't you just love the look on their faces if they all showed up with their gifts! Especially if you made them all in the same two colors!


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