July 19, 2011

Free Pansy Doily Patterns

I recently asked if any one had any suggestions on what I should design next.
Truvely L. asked for a Pansy Doily.
Doilies aren't my thing, but I did a quick search and found theses.

This one is from Maggie Weldon
I guess it's apropreiate for me to find her free pattern first considering I do some design work for her.

This one is very much like Maggie's but the flowers are fuller.

Still on the traditional side, but with a center I like better than the other two is this doily.

Here is a pansy doily that is very different from the above.

Now this doily I really like. It's very different from any I've found and I really like the addition of lace around the outer edges of the pansies.

Vintage patterns have been a passion of mine of late so I just had to include an antique one from a site that has older pattern.

Like I said, I'm not very into doilies, but if you are this is a site for you. They boost 300 doily patterns! But if you are looking for a pansy doily here you'll be disappointed. The only one I found here was the second on my list. But they have enough doily patterns to keep anyone entertained for a very long time.

I hope this helps a few of you out there in need of doily patterns.

Keep Crocheting!


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