February 08, 2009

Where Should the Waist Band of a Skirt Go?

Question of the Week:

For some time now I have been working on a crochet top with matching skirt. The top I already put up on my site: Donna's Crochet Designs and planned on putting the skirt up this week. I had finally gotten some time with my model (my sixteen year old daughter) for deciding the placement and length of the zipper so I could put it in (and do a tutorial on it) and then do the waist band.
We ran into a problem.
I say a skirt's waist band should come up to waist level, somewhere around the belly button area.
My daughter argues that is should go below the belly button some where around the hip area.
Needless to say this causes a major problem when going to make the waist band.

So here is this weeks question:

Where do you say a skirts waist band should fit?

Waist-belly button area?
Hip area?


Should there be directions for making the skirt fit both areas?

Help would greatly be appreciated!



Renee said...

Hi Donna,

I have daughters and have had the same conversation! *smile* If you are shopping for "us" the skirts hit the waist- If you shop in the juniors area of any store, the skirt waist band isn't a waist band. More of a hip band. Most girls where their pants, skirts, shorts below the belly button. Personally I think it has to do with all the belly button piercing. *grin* I am sure it is more fun to show the belly button jewelry off.

Depending on who you are marketing for, would depend on where you would make the waist band. Course if you are targeting both markets (moms and daughters) then I would make up both.

Hope it helps some!

Donna's Crochet Designs said...

It helps a lot, thanks! Guess I've got some work to do figuring both out for the same size!
Wish me luck!