January 06, 2009

Will Crochet Ever Overcome Its Reputation as Old Fashioned?

Will Crochet Ever Overcome Its Reputation as Old Fashioned?
That is my question of the week.

Personally, whenever I hear the worlds old fashion I think of an old lady with blue hair, her glasses half way down her nose because she never seems to be able to decide if she wants to look over them or through them. Don't forget the sensible shoes, cane and rocking chair!
Okay, overly stereotypical I know, but isn't defining Crochet as old fashioned the same thing?
Now, most grandparents are seen as vital, active people who wouldn't be caught dead in a rocking chair, because as my 77 year old mother told me" "That's for old people."
I got to Esty and see all kinds of creative, up to date crochet and still the label?


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Deb said...

In my opinion it's never going to be as hip to crochet as it is to knit, because crochet is associated with doilies and old crocheted doilies folded over the back of a chair. Neither of which people think of when you talk about knitting. When you say I knit, people think FASHION! It's not until you open their eyes can you open their minds to all the wonderful things you can create, including jewelery with crochet!

SO, from one hooker to another..peace!