January 18, 2009

Putting a Zipper on a Crochet Jacket

How to Put a Zipper on a Crochet Jacket
Crochet Jacket with Hood is my latest pattern at Donna's Crochet Designs and thought a tutorial on how to sew a zipper into a crochet jacket would be of interest. Begin by laying the jacket out on a flat surface with the front edge opening together. Place the zipper between both front edges. Adjust the edges so that they are not right on the zipper's teeth, but lay just to either side.
Pin the zipper to the jacket's front edges.

Open the zipper so it is now in two pieces.

Most sewing machines have a special zipper foot. Put the zipper foot onto your machine and with a neutral thread (I used a thread close to the color of the Ecru yarn in the jacket), put the foot down and sew along the edge of the zipper's teeth making sure the jacket's edge does not come in contact with (the zipper's teeth) but is still begin sewn to the cloth part of the zipper.

In this photo I am close to the end of the zipper. As you can see the zip is very large and wider than the seam I am making. At this point I stop sewing, making certain the needle is down or through both layers I am sewing, put up the presser foot and slide the zip past the presser foot and behind to where I have already sewn. I then put the foot back down and continue sewing to the end. By doing this, it helps to keep the seam constant in size.

Here is the side view with the zip pushed back out of the way.

This is a photo of the other side of the zipper being sewn into place. It is so much easier to sew a jacket zipper than a dress zipper because the jacket zipper is designed to break into two halves, while the dress zipper isn't.

Here is the zipper sewn into place.


Cindy said...

Wow, thanks for this idea! I did a bag and never thought to put a zipper on it. But that should work too, don't you think?

Donna's Crochet Designs said...

Yes that works equally as well. I've even put zippers on crochet wallets!