May 31, 2008

Fringed Wrap Free Crochet Pattern

Fringed Wrap Free Crochet Pattern


4 Skeins Patons Brilliant in Green Glitter, size H crochet hook or size to obtain gauge, 2 size 3 snaps, sewing needle and sewing thread.

GAUGE: 7 sts = 1-1\2", 5 rows = 1"



ROW 1: With yarn and H hook ch-19, sc 2nd ch from hook, (dc next ch, sc next ch) across to last ch, dc last ch, ch-1, turn. (18 sts)

ROW 2-45: (sc next st, dc next st) across, ch-1, turn.

ROW 46: (sc, dc) next 2 sts, (sc next st, dc next st) across, ch-1, turn. (20 sts) .

ROW 47: (sc next st, dc next st) across, ch-1, turn.
ROW 48-79: Rep row 46-47. End row 78 (32 sts)
ROW 80-95: Rep row 47.

ROW 96: Sk 1st st, sc next st, dc dec next 2 sts, (sc next st, dc next st) across, ch-1, turn. (30 sts)

ROW 97: Rep row 47.

ROW 98-129: Rep row 96-97. End row 128 (18 sts)

ROW 130-174: Rep row 47.

RND 175: Evenly sc ea st and end row around outer edge of wrap and working (sc, ch-2, sc) in ea corner, sl st top beg sc, fasten off.

Ea st along the under edge of wrap has one fringe attached. Begin with 36" length of yarn, fold in half and attach to st. Continue along the rows with 18 sts and then beg to decrease length of yarn as the st count of row increased until you are attaching a 16" folded length of yarn to the ends of row 80-95 and then beg increasing until 36" for rows 130-174. Lay wrap on a flat surface and trim fringe to one length across. Sew snaps at short edges.

You can shorten or lengthen the wrap by adding or removing end rows.


heleon said...

how do I do rows 47-174 on "fringed wrap"?

Donna's Crochet Designs said...

Sorry, I didn't realize I have forgotten the last half of the pattern! Man is my face red!!!

It's here now, sorry!

Linda said...

I love this wrap. I am a plus size 20-22. You said to increase the number of end rows. What size do you think the pattern is? Which row should I start the increase? Thanks!

Donna's Crochet Designs said...

My daughter is the one wearing it and she's a 16/18 if that helps.
Where you increase depends really where you would like to be bigger. If it is the shoulder where the wrap is the largest then you add more rows to 80-95. If it is the thinner part of the wrap you increase the same number of rows on each end: 2-45 and then 130-174.
I hope this helps.
I'd love to see a photo when you have it done!

Anonymous said...

Just a note to say thanks for the free pattern… I like to do that when I come across such things from a real person. Of course a part of me knows every pattern has a creator, but names and contact info aren’t always at hand. In the interest of truth I suppose I should say I am rather compelled to send these notes, my Dear Old Sainted Mother was rather a stickler for thank you notes, and promised me a good old fashion haunting should I fail. I’m inclined to believe her, to my knowledge she only lied to me once, and that at about the age of three; she told me, strait faced, the fried green tomatoes she set before me was meat with seeds. I didn’t fall for the ploy; I was three, not stupid. I’m going to make this for my 15 year old niece who has become entirely too pretty for my brothers serenity. John

Donna's Crochet Designs said...

As a real person I'd like to say thank you. It makes may day when someone take the time to let me know they like one of my designs!

I remember fried green tomatoes too! Only at my house they were a favioite of my mom and my dad complained there would be less tomatoes to get ripe (his favorite)

I'd love to know how the wrap turns out!