July 28, 2007

Idea Behind My Design of Beumble Bee Play Set for 4-1\2" Bratz Dolls


I'm often asked where I get my ideas from.

First I want to say that what I do is design crochet patterns, not re-make a crochet pattern that is all ready floating out there in the world.

When I start thinking of a new project I start looking at things that are out there in the non-crochet world. Like at Home Stores, Clothing Stores, Toy Stores, etc.

I want a challenge. I want to take something that has never been seen in crochet before and translate it into a pattern that most people who crochet can easily follow and make one of their own.

With this said, I'll get back to the Bumble Bee Play Set.

Have you ever heard of the cartoon "Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends?" It is on the cartoon network and I love it. Edwardo is my favorite character which has absolutely nothing to do with the play set by the way.

Anyway, in one cartoon the entire gang at Foster's went to this play-pizza place. I won't bore you with the story line, just that it was a hive shaped pizza place and they had this guy dressed up in a bee suit to meet and greet.

And that's it...

My inspriation for the bee hive play set.

I have to admit it doesn't really make a lot of sence and maybe I watch too many cartoons--Never!--but that's how it works for me. I see something. It gets sucked into my head along with the tons of other things floating around in there, some times they bump into each other and an idea is born: Bratz Doll = Bee Hive and some times it is just strange up there, but I enjoy it.

Come along to my website: http://www.donnascrochetdesigns.com/ and see what other strange things you can find there.

Who knows, maybe you'll even suggest an idea or two!

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bdbutton said...

Makes sense to me! I love your doll clothes designs.