December 30, 2007

Crochet Tassels Free Pattern

Crochet Tassels Free Crochet Pattern


Baby wt yarn in any color or colors you like, 1-1\2" wooden candle cup, various size wooded beads and wheels, paint, small rubber band, size E hook and needle to take yarn.


ROW 1: With E hook and yarn ch-2, sc 2nd ch from hook, ch-1, turn.(1 st)

ROW 2-4: Sc st, ch-1, turn.

ROW 5: 2 sc next st, ch-1, turn. (2 sts)

ROW 6: Sc ea st across, ch-1, turn.

ROW 7: 2 sc next 2 sts, ch-1, turn. (4 sts)

ROW 8-27: Rep row 6.

ROW 28: (Work next 2 sts tog as 1 in sc dec) twice, ch-1, turn. (2 sts)

ROW 29: Rep row 6.

ROW 30: Sc dec next 2 sts, ch-1, turn. (1 st)

ROW 31-33: Rep row 6. At the end of row 33 fasten off.

Make 28 of these for a solid color tassel.

Make 11 white and 17 teal strips for a two-color tassel.

Make 6 green, 6 lavender, 6 blue and 10 in playtime print for the multi color tassel.


Gather your strips tog in a bundle and secure with a small rubber band.

Paint the candle cup and wooded beads in a color or colors you like.

Thread a needle with a length of yarn. Fold in half and thread through the bead and cup’s holes.
Knot yarn to hold. Glue beads and cup tog. Place a thin layer of glue along the inside of the candle cup. Carefully insert banded tog strips into the cup, twisting to make sure the bundle goes in fully. Let dry and you have a lovely, chunky tassel.

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