September 26, 2007

Christmas Tree Skirt Cal


I'm a member of crochetville forum. I love the place, everyone is so helpful and friendly.

Someone started a thread about doing a Christmas tree skirt cal. I thought I'd do one, afterall I've only been meaning to get a new three skirt for several years now. --so the story of my life!

Anyway, I got to playing with the color combinations on my design and couldn't decide which one I wanted to make. So I asked my husband, he did pick eiher of the two I was favoring. Then I asked my daughter and guess what-yes, that's right she picked still a different one for me to make. I'm afraid that is how it always goes in my family.

Then I decided to post them on the thread and let the people at crochetville help me make up my mind. Funny thing is, no one still picked the one I had been leaning toward--The red & white one--but asked for the instructions to the others.

I posted there and thought why not share them with you as well.

All went well until I tried to upload the picture of the graph for the Red & Green Tree Skirt. It just wouldn't load. It wouldn't load at photo bucket either. Go figure, I must have done something wrong--yet again!(long sigh) So I put my orginial designs up just incase anyone would at least like to see the Red & Green one. You can easily figure out how to make it by looking at the other instructions.

I still haven't made up my mind as to which one I'll make. I'm still leaning to the Red & White, but was thinking maybe of doing different colors...

Which ever I chose I'll be sure and post the finished one.


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