August 31, 2007

More Toys for Bumble Bee Bratz Play Set

That's right I've designed more toys for the Bumble Bee play set for the 4-1\2" Baby Bratz doll.

A friend and good customer of mine suggested I do more with the play set and you know me, I love a challenge!

Thanks LindaC!

So I came up with this swing and trampoline -- bee themed of course!

I love adding motion to crochet toys. The swing actually swings and supports the doll. My frist version of the swing had triangle supports instead of the square ones in the photo. To my embarassment, when I put the doll in the swing her head hit the dowel the swing was tied to and wouldn't move. Who on earth wants a swing that can't swing? Back to the drawing board!

You know, when you don't get it right the first it's not that you failed you just learned one more thing not to do!

I believe it was my third attempt when I got it all figured out. Not bad, sometimes it takes me a dozen or more times before I can get things just right. Aren't you gald I keep trying?

Well the trampoline was sooo much easier to make.

I did do a slide, but the crochet bees I covered the slide part with wouldn't let the doll slide. Back to the drawing board on that one! Oh well, Everyone needs a hobby, right?

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