May 08, 2007

More Ideas For Crochet Patches


Everyone knows you can add patches to jeans, shirts and jackets, but how about adding some to a purchased purse.

Or how about using one as a tie back for your curtains. Great way to personalize your home with your hobby!

Instead of crochting the patch in DMC or Crochet Thread how about you do it in 4 ply yarns!
You'll get the same detail and look but at a much larger size. Then you could....
Use the patches as a decortive motif to a pillow or even as the center in a quilting square!

Just use one and you have a matching coaster!

Add them to a hat--purchased or crochet!

To decorate a baby's bib!

Add a decorative touch to guests towels. Not only would they look nice a your powder room, but would make a nice gift as well.

Great to decorate a purchased pair of socks!
There are many ways to use crochet patches! Just let your imagine run loose! Add then to sachets, doll dresses, place mats and table runners--go wild!

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