April 02, 2007

Free Cabin Afghan Crochet Pattern


Easy to make and fast. Time break down: Each block takes approximately 20 minutes to make. The required 42 blocks would average 10 1\2 hours. Then you needed 2 1\2 hours to sew the blocks into rows and the rows into the afghan. Finishing the afghan with the simple edging would again take about 2 1\2 hours, totaling the time invested to: 15 1\2 hours.

19 ozs. Red Heart 4-ply yarn in Claret, 18 ozs. Red Heart 4-ply yarn in Navy Fleck, needle to take yarn and J hook or hook needed to obtain gauge.

SIZE: 40" X 48"

Gauge: Motif is 6" X 6"

ROW 1: With J hook and yarn, ch-20, sc 2nd ch from hook, sc across, turn. (19 sts)

ROW 2: Ch-3 (1st dc), (dc, ch-2, 2 dc) sa st as ch-3. * ch-1, sk 2 sts, keeping last lp on hook, 3 dc next st, yo and pull through all lps on hook (cluster st completed), ch-1, sk 2 sts, (2 dc, ch-2, 2 dc) next st (shell completed), rep from * 3 times, turn.

ROWS 3-9: Sl st to ch-2 sp, ch-3, (dc, ch-2, 2 dc) sa sp, * ch-1, cl around front post of next cl, ch-1, work a shell in next ch-2 sp, rep from * 3 times, turn. Fasten off at the end of row 9.

Make 21 blocks in Claret and 21 blocks in Navy Fleck.

With Navy Fleck yarn and needle sew the blocks tog in 7 rows of 6 blocks each alternating to get a checker board pattern. To emphasize the afghan’s texture, sew all Navy blocks turned on their side and the Claret blocks right side up.
Sew all seven rows tog to form the body of the afghan.

RND 1: With Claret yarn and J hook join in side of any block on afghan, ch-1, evenly sc around ea side and work (2 sc, ch-2, 2 sc) in each corner, sl st top beg sc, turn.

RND 2: Ch-3, dc in ea st around and work (2 dc, ch-2, 2 dc) in ea ch-2 lp, sl st top beg ch-3, turn.

RND 3: Rep rnd 2, fasten off.

RND 4: With Navy Fleck and J hook join in any st on edging, ch-3, dc ea st around working (2 dc, ch-2, 2 dc) in ea ch-2 lp, sl st top beg ch-3, turn.

RND 5: Rep rnd 2, fasten off.

Here is a close up of the blocks. I love the texture the stitches form and if you alternate the way you turn the blocks you can get a woven look to your afghan.




Blog da Eliana said...

Hello, I am Eliana, iam brasilian woman an I LOVE crochet. YOUR BLOG IS VERY BEAUTIFUL.Congratulations... Do you speack portuguese? muitos beijos, tudo de bom. Excuse-me for the errors.....

Anonymous said...

What a good idea to rotate the blocks for more interest! Thank you so much for sharing

Suzanne in northern BC

Donna's Crochet Designs said...

Thank you both so much for your compliments. I try to put at least one new pattern a month on my blog.

Eliana, I'm sorry I don't speak portuguese but you can practice English on me any time!