February 22, 2013

Costumes For Bears Of Course!

Everyone loves to dress up, even toy bears. As a matter of fact, toy bears are the best kind of bear to dress up due to their congenial manners.
All four costumes are designed to fit a 16"-20" stuffed bear like the ones you can make at the mall.

You get the Butterfly Costume:
Dress with Butterfly center and lovely large Butterfly Wings
Sandals with Butterflies attached
Hat with a Butterfly a top it as well.

Now we got to the movies for the Scarlet O'Hara Curtain Dress--you know, the one ..she saw in the window and had to have.
The dress for this outfit has a ribbed insert to look like pleats and lovely "rope" ties for around the bear's waist.
There is also a hat with a nice yellow fringed "plume"
And matching shoes

Next is the Nanny bear costume.
It has a dress complete with bow tie
A matching jacket with lilac stripes
Hat with cute little flowers
Black shoes
And a lilac bag

The last costume has the feeling of South America to it.
The dress's skirt is covered with red trim
The shrug matches the dress's skirt
The hat is a turban with a small topper filled with red and yellow pom-poms or tassels you make.
Then there are the platform sandals sure to make a splash where ever your bear wears them.

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