June 04, 2012

Marie Antionette Pincushion Dolls in Crochet

Marie Antoinette Pincushion Dolls in Crochet!
This is my latest offering for the air freshener doll that was so popular awhile back.  (Does anyone still make that kind of air freshener any more?)
Before I placed them on top of vases so you could decorate for the season or add a few memories from scrap booking.
This time the doll has been stuffed and with the aid of stiff cardboard she can stand on her own.
She would look great holding pins on your sewing desk or she could be the resting place for ear rings and brooches from atop your dresser.  Either way she looks gorgeous.
The pattern comes with instructions for the basic pincushion doll and the three great looks inspired by Marie Antoinette.
She also comes with instructions for a gold snood or a very Marie Antoinette wig, after all pig tails (How the doll came originally) may be great for some looks but I'm pretty sure Marie Antoinette never went for such a toned down hair style!

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