May 31, 2012

Pajamas For Baby

The patterns can be found at my Etsy shop.

As you know I have been doing a series of what I like to call Sweat Pea Outfits.  They are really sleep bags for infants.
This one uses what is called the long wave
 pattern in crochet.
This one was done in a series of stripes.

This one has the same textured stitch as used in the stripe
 Sweet Pea but features a large and lovely flower for
both the outfit and the hat

My favorite one and probably fansist looking
 one features a knotted ribbon bow.

The last one in my series features cute lilac
 and blue flowers each with a French knot belly buttom.

What all of these Sweet Pea Outfits have in commom is the overlaping shoulder tecnique I use in order to make an expanding head opening so the outfits are easy to go over baby's head.
I have a tutorial on how to do that here.
A tutorial on how to make the large flower here.
A tutorial on how to make the knotted ribbon bow here.
You can find more of my tutorials at Donna's Crochet Designs.
And my free patterns at: Free Patterns Donna's Crochet Designs.



Workin' Yarn said...

These are so wonderful!

Susan said...

These are adorable! I have made a few from other patterns. But I love you patterns with the double folded shoulder design for easy on-off.

Sharon Worley said...

If someone can tell me where to get patterns. The link site to get free patterns does not feature any of the patterns listed. thanks. If you could let me email address is

Donna's Crochet Designs said...

The links all work. These patterns are some of the ones I sell. They are 3.99 each. Sorry if the post has confused anyone!

Niamh said...

Hey Donna they are so pretty can you post a link to were I can get them, I clicked the link and it did not work for me.
Thank you

kigmother said...

The link Doesn't work for me either. These sleep bags are wonderful and since I have a grand baby on the way, I would love to make some.

Jan said...

Donna, still I can not fine link to purchase Sweat Pea Outfits. They are so sweet! I would love to purchase them.Hopefully you can help. Thanks, Jan

Jan said...

Donna, I found and purchased the pattern so far going great but when I got to the back after counting over 23 stitches and turning back over those stitches how do you come up with 42 stitches? I had to stop. Please help! Thank you, Jan

Donna's Crochet Designs said...

What you are doing is counting past the join 23 sts and joining there, you work back over the stitches you just counted and on for 19 more stitches.
Hope this helps.

Jan said...

Thank you so much! It is just beautiful! Looking to buy your other patterns as soon as I finish this. Thanks, Jan

CrochetCrazy said...

I have purchased your pattern, but the size seems to come out really big, even when the gauge is the same as yours. Does anyone have this problem? I am trying to make for newborn. Thank you!

Donna's Crochet Designs said...

If your gauge is correct both stitch and row count it should be correct. The length is long enough to add for some growing room and kicking room. Hope this helps.