March 08, 2012

Ying Yang & Cup Cake Word Tote Crochet Patterns

I just put up two new patterns at Donna's Crochet Designs!

The first is a Ying-Yang word tote. It is a two-color split tote with the words ying and yang spelled out.

Some of the letters are capitals and some are in lower case. They are designed to look like they have been cut out of a newspaper or magazine.

The second tote is my Cup Cake Tote.

The works cup and cake are spelled out much like they were in the Ying-Yang tote.

As a bonus there is a cup cake patch to decorate the purse as well.

Both patterns are now available at my web site: for 3.99.

I hope you like them!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It's Yin Yang, not Ying Yang.