July 04, 2008

Special Offer

Special Offer!

Both E-Books, a $25.90 value for, $12.95!

For a limited time you can get both E-Books for the price of one!

Slinky* Crochet

76 pages!
Full Size Patterns!
Lot of color Photographs!
13 Fun Projects, each with a Slinky centeral to its design.
Some of the Projects are:
-Octo-Slinky with eight Slinky arms.
-Slink-a-saurus with a Slinky spine.
-Alligato with Slinky body.
-Robot with third Slinky arm hidden in its chest.
-Marshmallow Monkey with Slinky arms and legs.
-Super Slinky Man with Slinky eyes to see at long distances, Slinky arms to reach great heights and Slinky legs to stretch to the sky. Best of all he comes with his mild manner disguise with all Slinky super powers carefully hidden.
-Cat-a-pillar pull toy with Slinky Body.
-Missy Kissy a Stair Walking Toy
And Much More!

Plastic Springs Crochet!

60 pages!
Full Size Patterns!
Lots of Color Photographes!
14 Fun Projects each with a plastic spring centeral to its design!
Some of the projects are:
-Spring Pig and Elephant.
-Dog with spring sombrero
-Smiley spring hat
-Heart springs purse
-Mermaids with spring tails
-Doll with Yellow Spring Curls
And Much More!

Both sold for $12.95 each on my website
Now $12.95 for both E-Books!
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