December 02, 2007

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Just thought I'd share the new patterns that will be in my newsletter for my websites: Donna's Crochet Designs and Free Patterns Donna's Crochet Designs

To the left are a series of three tassels. Their base or the tassel part is done in crochet. I got the idea when looking at some more expecnsive tassels at a high end home store. The tops are simply bits and pieces from the wood craft isle in my local craft store. I glued them together and then painted them to match the crochet tassel part.

This is simply a badge hold. My daughter kept losing her student id and when I couldn't find any, I made one of my own!

Last is what I think is the prettiest. A pink beaded necklace. I love to crochet with beads.

All three will be found in my newsletter. Normally I only place one pattern per issue, but this being the Holiday Season I decided to do three.

Plus don't forget, the first part of my 3 part flower afghan is in there as well.
Last month's newsletter pattern JOY will be placed on my Free Pattern website tomorrow.

As promised, the newsletter patterns are yours (the subscriber) first!

I wish everyone a Joyous Holiday Season!

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