May 30, 2007

Announcing Charlie!

This is my first picture book with a crochet pattern tied to it!!!!

This is Charlie.
Charlie is this loveable dog who eats things that he shouldn't.
He is done in crochet and has a special tonuge that gets longer when you pull it.
There is also a 15 page picture book that goes along with it that tells the story of Charlie.
It is an orginial story of mine (so is the crochet pattern) with illustrations (also by me) that has been converted into a pdf.
For more detials so to:

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connie said...

thank you for the info on "sequins in crochet". im in my 3rd year crocheting and have wanted to try different designs. so thanks again. also for the generous patterns. ive learned to crochet because of people like you. so i hope to give back as well, soon.